Samples Q & A

Do we offer samples?

You may order samples directly on each product page. We limit samples to 5 per day.

A sample is for you to determine if you want that particular design.


Can I keep samples?

Samples are on loan and you may keep them until you are finished with them. However, when you are finished with them it is important to return them. 


What sizes do samples come in?

Fabric samples measure 9” wide by 12” long and offer a glimpse of both pattern and color.

Fabric Samples by William West Designs

Our samples are designed to give a very good idea of both pattern and color of each fabric.  We only print a portion of the pattern that will insure this with each sample. By doing this we avoid having samples that my come from portions of fabric where the color and pattern may be a bit more vague.

Full Width of Sample Fabric Layout


Wallpaper samples measure 6” x 6” which are for color only.

6x6 Wallpaper Samples



Can I track my samples?

William West Designs mails samples via USPS and tracking is not available.