Fabric Care & Characteristics


Dry Cleaning

Use a reputable dry cleaner that specializes in home furnishing. Dust has impurities which affect fabrics. Vacuum fabrics often. Dry cleaning should be at regular intervals before excessive soil has accumulated. Very few fabrics are washable.

Pattern Repeat

Pattern repeat, as listed in this catalog and on samples, is approximate only and can vary slightly from one printing to the next. We cannot guarantee repeat matching.

Shrinking & Length Fluctuations

Be tolerant of normal fluctuations in lengths of draperies. Few fabrics are completely stable. Fabrics breathe and absorb moisture, resulting in stretching or shrinking. Fabrics placed over or near heating and cooling vents may react to a much greater degree. Wesco will not be responsible should this situation occur. A 2% to 3% change is reasonable. Allow sufficient fabric in the hems for later adjustments, should it be necessary. Fabrics that are steamed or ironed often shrink or pucker.

Sun Protection

Fabrics should be protected from the sun. William West Designs does not guarantee against fading or color fastness. Draperies should be lined. Shades should be drawn during the day and glass protection should be used whenever possible. Window glass magnifies the destructive elements in the rays of the sun. The winter sun and reflection from the snow are even more harmful than the summer sun and may cause disintegration. Colors can fade by oxidation, "gas fading", if fabrics are kept in storage for too long a period without airing. Some colors are more sensitive than others. Impurities in the air may cause as much fading as direct rays of the sun.


Velvet nap will crush and may be directional.


Wrinkling is a characteristic of linen and cotton blend fabrics.




* These characteristics are not considered defects and therefore, not reasons for returning fabric.